Iskander Business Partner Swiss AS AN INTERMEDIARY

Our network consists of freelancers and experts together as well as selected cooperation partners, who help us to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

They are an essential component of our mutual success. Get in touch with us, if you would like to know more about a cooperation with Iskander Business Partner.


More than 500 active freelancers provide confirmation that we are not just an attractive option for permanent employees. Iskander Business Partner Swiss always welcomes freelancers who demonstrate an ability to work autonomously and independently, and can contribute passion and fresh ideas. These freelancers are highly appreciated by us as experts in their field and we treat them accordingly. A long-term cooperation and a high level of loyalty in both directions ensure successes which are well above average.


Our cooperation partners do not just live the same values as we do, they also supplement our product portfolio. As a result, we can always offer the right solution to our clients, even, if the problem lies outside of our core competencies. Accordingly, not only we benefit from the bilateral exchange of information and operations, but also our clients.